Guitar Practice Routine For Busy People - Only 15 minutes a day!

Guitar Practice Routine For Busy People - Only 15 minutes a day!


A Practice Routine ANYONE can stick to!! =D


Maybe you get the feeling like you want to practice more, but… where’s a good place to start?! No one wants to sit down and actually make a schedule!! Never fear! I’ve got you covered with this 15 minute a day practice routine!





But can you actually make progress practicing only 15 minutes a day?


Follow me and I will show you the way! 🏃‍♂️




STEP 1 – Pick two skills you want to work on!


Guitar Practice Routine for Busy People Easy Options


STEP 2 – Add them to your daily practice session along with some free practice!




 Guitar Practice Schedule Routine EasyGuitar Daily Practice Routine Easy



Believe it or not, a consistent 15 minutes a day is better than practicing for 2 hours once a week! Repetition is key! Here’s a weekly schedule you can use to stay on track and meet your goals. Download, fill it out and keep it close! You can even print it and hang it on your wall if you want:

STEP 3 – Make your weekly routine!


Guitar Weekly Daily Practice Schedule DIY 15 Minutes a Day Easy


You can just save the image, but here's the link to download the DIY schedule:



And here's the link to download the pre-made one at the top of the page:


Now go have some fun, and be amazed at all your gains! You’re welcome :)



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